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Come play with us!

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday - 9.30am - 11pm

Saturday & Sunday - 9am - 10pm

$27,5 / 90 min / per person / no membership

$22,5 / 90 min / per person / gold membership

Save 2,5$ for every reservation on weekdays before 5pm!

2,5$ for each racket rental 

* Tax is included in all princes

Want to play with other players? Don't know anyone to play with? Just create or join an open match to play with other players!



Want to enjoy even more our courts? Benefit from our memberships and starting saving straight away with one of our membership packs:

Seasonal Reservation

Gold Membership: 79,95$ / season / per person

Get a 5$ discount for each match you play.

Monthly Reservation

Early Bird: 99$ / monthly / per person

Play for free before 5pm weekdays (maximum one game of 90 min per day)

Weekend crazy: 119$ / monthly / per person

Play for free on weekends (maximum one game of 90 min per day)

All included: 199$ / monthly / per person

Play for free, any time of the week (maximum one game of 90 min per day)

By getting a monthly reservation, you automatically benefit from the gold membership prices on the remaining time slots!


Each monthly membership payment is only for the upcoming months and should be done up to 2 days before the end of the month.

Limited spots! Get your membership now!

* Tax is included in all princes

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Interested in having group classes? Now you can learn the basic shots, get familiar with court positions and tatics and improve your game.

Private Class - 100$ / h

Semi Private (2 players) - 50$ / h each

Group Class (3 to 4 players) - 35$ / h each

Pack of 4h of Group Classes - 30$ / h each


Lightning rounds, tournaments and much more. Check our app to see our competitions.

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Host your corporate or private events! Contact us to see what are the packages we have to offer.

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