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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Prestige Padel located?

We are located at the Tomahawk Club in Laval, located right behind the Costco in Laval on the intersection of Highways 15 and 440. The address is:

3002 Av. Jacques-Bureau

Laval, QC H7P 4J7

The easiest is to put “Tomahawk Club” in your WAZE. When using Google Maps app, check that it directs you to the front entrance on Av. Jacques-Bureu and not the back entrance (you can still get in but you will be parking a little further away.

2. How does it work?

Download Playtomic app in the app store, create a profile, search for our club and start booking!


3. What are your offerings and schedules?

Check out the following link from our website for our latest offerings and descriptions:


  • Court booking - You reserve a whole court for an amount of time.

  • Open match - You create an open match at the time of your convenience. 3 other players can join your proposed match. Each player pays their portion of the reservation. You choose the levels of players that can sign up.

  • Classes - 1h lessons given by a padel coach


4. What are your rates?

Please visit our Activities & Schedule page to check our rates for court bookings and activities.

5. I don’t have a racket, what do I do?

You can add a racket rental to court bookings. If you decide you would like to play regularly, you can eventually buy your own equipment at our online shop.


6. I don’t have anyone to play with, what do I do?

Join our facebook group! Prestige Padel Community It is made for you, the players! Connect with other players to organize matches and get support. Also, through Playtomic you can find players to play with!


7. I don’t have a car, how do I get there?

The best solution is to organize ride shares with those who you will be playing with through the facebook group (see previous point). A great bonus is you will make new friends!


8. How long before can I cancel?

In order to receive a refund, you need to cancel 24 hours before your match. The reason is that otherwise we will not have enough time to fill your spot.


9. What if it rains at the last minute or not enough people sign up to the Open Match?

The match will be canceled and you will receive a credit on your app which you can use for future bookings.


10. I want to play often, do you have any memberships or discounts?

Join one of our memberships to get discounts!

11. Can I pay cash?

No, all transactions are done through the app.

12. What if I want to stay another hour?

If there are no reservations after, they can go to the app and book more time.

13. What are the rules of Padel?

There is a sign beside one of the doors of each court with a summary of the rules and a code of conduct to follow whilst on the court.

Alternatively, visit our website and watch a short video:

14. Do you sell equipment?

Yes! Visit our online store.

15. Where can we contact Prestige Padel?


Phone: +1 ‎(514) 909-2738


Instagram: prestige_padel


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